Unique Mechanical Dial

The mechanical dial of this watch showcases intricate craftsmanship, blending tradition with precision. Driven by a complex arrangement of gears and springs, it offers a timeless appeal and reliable function. The mechanical movement ensures accurate timekeeping without the need for a battery. Its finely detailed design is a testament to skilled artistry。

316L Stainless Steel

Designed to endure, the watch boasts a case that resonates with both strength and elegance. Its shining, lustrous exterior not only enhances its visual appeal but also assures exceptional resistance to wear and tear. It's more than just a protective shell; it's a statement of resilience, quality, and refined aesthetics.

Fluororubber Strap

The fluororubber material boasts remarkable resilience, offering unmatched durability in any condition. Its soft, comfortable feel embraces your wrist like a second skin, making it ideal for extended wear. Elevate your timekeeping experience with this cutting-edge fluororubber strap, a perfect fusion of comfort and style for the discerning connoisseur.

10ATM Water Resistance

The 10ATM water resistance feature of this watch ensures it can withstand pressures equivalent to a depth of 100 meters. Ideal for swimming and snorkeling, but not high-impact water sports or diving, this functionality adds versatility and reliability. The 10ATM rating guarantees lasting performance in wet conditions, providing peace of mind in any weather or water environment.

Grade A Luminous

Watch hands and indicators in top-tier luminescent material. Whether it's a night out in the city or an exploration under the stars, the watch's luminous display ensures that time is always visible, clear, and vibrant. Let your timepiece be the light that never fades, even when the sun goes down.