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Do You Know What A Water Resistant Watch Is?

Water resistant watch is a watch that can withstand large amounts of moisture without causing any internal damage. You can easily do your daily activities while wearing this watch. 

If you are an adventurous person and love watches, then you should always buy water resistant watches. 

Perhaps, water resistant watches are an essential part of any adventure, whether traveling, playing, swimming, hacking, snorkeling, paragliding, or performing any other adventure. Also, they play a big role in our daily lives because everyone needs the best watch on their wrist to see the time while doing their regular activities.

Some Interesting Facts About Water Resistant Watches

1. The Bezels Of Diving Watches Make Them Easy To Identify

Water resistant watches traditionally have a rotating bezel. The bezel on a diving watch should be unidirectional. If the bezel is accidentally knocked, the remaining dive time can only be reduced and never increased. This is an important safety feature of diving watches. 

The bezels on diving watches also tend to have a diving time scale. This feature makes diving watches easy to identify within a brand’s collection.

2. Water Resistant Watches Often Have Specific Kinds Of Straps


Water Resistant Watches Often Have Specific Kinds Of Straps | Tsar Bomba


Leather is not designed to survive long-term exposure to water. Therefore it is not often used in the designs of diving watches. Similarly, fabric straps are not used in this watch as they become uncomfortable when damp. 

Due to these factors, diving watches tend to have metal or rubber straps. These materials are much more comfortable to wear when wet and much more resistant to water. Some diving watch straps are expandable so that you can wear the watch over the diving equipment. 

When buying a waterproof watch, it is essential to assess your needs and wants, as different straps and designs suit different people.

3. Water Resistant Watches Tend To Have Screw-Down Crowns

To have such a high level of water resistance, diving watches have certain features that keep the timepiece watertight. One such feature is a screw-down crown. This means one should unscrew the crown and pull out to adjust the time and date. The screw fastening ensures that the crown is watertight. Due to this, no water can enter the watch and damage the movement.

4. Service Your Water Resistant Watch Regularly

Ensure to get your watches a regular service to ensure that they are working correctly. All servicing for diving watches should be completed by an authorized professional.

The water resistance rating will be compromised if this is not completed correctly. 

However, a diving watch can remain a core part of any collection for decades with regular servicing. This will ensure the longevity and performance of a water resistant watch.

After reading these facts, you will want to buy a water resistant watch. Don’t worry. We will make this easy for you. You don’t need to go anywhere; you can simply buy a water resistant watch from TSAR BOMBA. 


Tsar Bomba has a wide range of waterproof and water resistant watches, ranging from 5 ATM to 200 ATM. You can buy your waterproof watch according to your requirements and at very reasonable prices. 


We have listed the degrees of water resistant watches, so you know which suits your particular activity.




Water Resistance 50M


Water Resistance 50M Watches | Tsar Bomba


If you like to do multiple water activities but always worry about your watch, then you should buy a 50M water resistant watch. You can do multiple activities like swimming, poolside diving, and even perform athletic sports in shallow waters. However, you can not do snorkeling or scuba diving while wearing this watch. 

To make it easy, we have mentioned our TSAR BOMBA automatic luxury ceramic watch - TB8208C which is water resistant and very affordable. 

Water Resistance 100M


Water Resistance 50M Watches | Tsar Bomba


If you are a sports enthusiast or an adventurous person, you should buy a 100M degree watch because this is the kind of watch while doing any type of activity. You can confidently wear this watch whether engaging with soft-water or hard-water activity.  

To make it easy for you, we have mentioned our TSAR BOMBA 100m waterproof quartz sports watch, which is affordable and suitable for indoor and outdoor water activities.

Water Resistance 200M  


Water Resistance 50M Watches | Tsar Bomba


The 200m water degree is the highest degree of waterproof watches. A 200m degree water resistant watch refers to a diver’s watch. You can perform every type of water activity while wearing a 200M degree watch with full confidence.

If you are searching for this type of watch you can buy the TSAR BOMBA 200M Waterproof GMT Date Automatic Watch TB8802A

Additional Tips💡

Do you know the three most important elements that make your watch water resistant?

  • Case - It depends on how the case back is attached to the watch.
  • Crown - The part of the watch that water is most likely to enter from is the crown and the gasket.

  • The closure

    After reading these interesting facts, you will want to buy a water resistant watch, but also you should keep in mind the degree of water resistance and waterproof watch so that your watch can perform well and does not have water damage.