Introducing the world's first DIY watch, you can wear it in several ways for the upcoming years with Tsar Bomba! This watch comes in several variations, so you can make it your own.

We have a "one-single" watch that embraces your charm and gives you an elegant look at every event, regardless of whether you're taking a vacation, going on a business trip, or attending a family get-together. Instead of buying numerous expensive wristwatches, choose a Tsar Bomba DIY watch that reflects your inner style and sense of taste.


Changes You Can Do Yourself in Modern DIY Watch

SWAP THE STRAP: With our DIY features and silicone strap options, you can swap the silicone or quick release flurorubber strap with one of your preferences to match your favorite color combination.

SWAP THE CROWN: Create a unique watch crown using these do-it-yourself methods.

SWAP THE BEZEL: Watch bezels can be altered, removed, or replaced without special tools, allowing you to express your personality instantly.

SWAP THE BUCKLE: Feel free to switch up the buckle to express your style and taste while saving time and money. 


Evolution of Tsar Bomba DIY Watches

The company has been planning to introduce a new and very different watch line for a long time. The company pivoted to a new strategy to meet changing watch enthusiast demands. 

For over two years, Tsar Bomba partnered with highly creative designers and artisans to design a watch that anyone can wear, whether rich or poor, young or old. Developing multi-changeable solutions for ordinary people has been the brand's goal since 2020. 

A modern DIY watch, Chivalry, can transform into multiple forms with interchangeable buckles, crowns, bezels, and straps. 

Accurate and Reliable: High-Quality DIY Movement

  1. Unique Designs: Freedom to create a one-of-a-kind timepiece that reflects the owner's style and preferences.
  1. Water Resistant: The swim cap is water-resistant up to 50 meters, making it an excellent accessory for swimming, snorkeling, rowing, and other water sports. Thanks to its 5ATM water resistance, the watch is safe against sweat, accidental rain, and water sprays.
  1. Anti-Fingerprint Coating: Tsar Bomba DIY watches include an advanced, transparent coating layered on the glass of your watch to offer enhanced smudge and fingerprint resistance. A thin coating layer helps prevent dirt, water, or oil from settling on the watch. This may impact its performance. Keep your watch clean and shining for the coming years.
  1. Silicone Straps: This men's watch strap has been specially developed so that you may match your watch with different colors of watch straps, which can be compared to any formal and informal setting; the contemporary design follows the trend and is also very popular with men.
  1. Japanese Movement: The Japanese movement enables accurate timing and energy storage for 48 hours. Your natural wrist movements drive it. These timepieces must be worn for at least 8 to 10 hours daily; if not, wind the watch manually by twisting the crown 30 times.
  1. Quality Control: Ensures that the final product is high quality, made with quality components, and assembled with care, resulting in a reliable and durable timepiece.

Tsar Bomba New Revolutionary DIY Watch – Chivalry

Luxury should be accessible and affordable to everyone, and that's why Chivalry was born. Several other features make this watch worth noticing, even though it offers impeccable design. The Swiss A-class LumiNova and its waterproof Chivalry level make it suitable to wear anywhere, anytime. This watch features a high-quality fluoro rubber strap and a 9-Mohs sapphire crystal glass.

There is a premium AR coating (IP Plating) on the watch's dial for enhanced visual clarity and to extend the life of the dial's glass. It offers a different look beyond traditional watches by counting the minutes, seconds, and hours with an extraordinary minute, second, and hour count.

Surprisingly, this is the very first concept in the watch industry. One can change the watch's buckle, bezel, crown, and strap in less than two minutes by changing the buckle, bezel, crown, and strap. Furthermore, there is no need for tools.


How Tsar Bomba Modern DIV Watches Can Embracing Every Personality

Mr. Gilded: Whether you embrace your personality's swagger, shimmer, and flash or want your watch to make a statement even before you arrive at a party, the TSAR BOMBA DIY watch will deliver an elegant and deluxe look. 

No matter how many parties you attend daily, weekly, or monthly, TSAR BOMBA will give you a fresh look every time.

MR TRAVELLER: TSAR BOMBA watches travel with you wherever you go. Our DIY watches embrace every culture, territory, and underwater activity while exploring new things across continents. Get a fresh look every day and across the years with TSAR BOMBA's easy-to-use DIY matches.

MR CONNOISSEUR: Some people view watches as essential to their lives. Generally, what they wear is more expensive than their bike or car. It adds an extra layer of charm to his personality and conversation as he goes as he wears DIY watches by TSAR BOMBA.

MR ORGANIZED: Let this do-it-yourself watch adorn your wrist if you are the type of person who continuously checks the time and would instead maximize efficiency than style. These superb watches with olive and black themes, usually worn by explorers, pilots, and race car drivers, give the wearer a wide variety of face designs, crown styles, strap choices, and readability options to suit their needs.

MR FASHIONABLE WORKAHOLIC: If you place a focus on taking on responsibilities and delivering a quality job, That's why our customized version is ideal for you. TSAR BOMBA watches, icons of superior functionality and aesthetics, are luxurious, well-crafted, and deserving of their reputation. This legendary label is valued for its prominence on its owners and the elegance of its styling.



In conclusion, customized DIY watches offer a unique and rewarding experience for watch enthusiasts, combining creativity and craftsmanship with the practicality of timekeeping. Overall, customized DIY watches are a testament to the ingenuity and passion of watch enthusiasts, offering a personalized timepiece that is both functional and artistic.