Customized Collaboration

Are you prepared for a collaboration that perfectly aligns with your distinctive style? Welcome to our Customized Collaboration, where we create tailor-made partnerships to showcase your unique identity.

How It Works

Simply follow these steps to kickstart your customized collaboration:

  1. Reach Out to Us: Connect with us by sending your collaboration brief to
  2. Share Your Vision: Let us know your ideas, preferences, and vision for the collaboration.
  3. Crafting Your Unique Partnership: Our team will work closely with you to design a collaboration that resonates with your style and objectives.

Why Choose Customized Collaboration?

  1. Personalized Approach: We prioritize your individuality and ensure the collaboration aligns seamlessly with your brand.
  2. Flexibility: Tailor every aspect of the collaboration to suit your preferences, from content creation to promotional activities.
  3. Unleash Creativity: Unlock the potential for innovative and creative projects that highlight your unique voice.

Ready to Collaborate?

Drop us an email at to initiate your journey towards a collaboration that reflects your style, personality, and aspirations. Your customized collaboration experience awaits!

Influencer Collaboration: Guidelines and Application Process


  • Approval Process: All collaboration content must undergo approval to ensure alignment with our brand and products.
  • Revenue Settlement: Sales revenue and commissions, as per the collaboration agreement, will be settled accordingly.
  • Transparency: Influencers are required to disclose the partnership in their work for transparency and compliance.
  • Flexibility: We reserve the right to modify collaboration methods and rules, and such changes will be communicated.

We're Excited to Collaborate

We eagerly anticipate the opportunity to collaborate with you, share unique watch experiences, and foster successful partnerships together!

How to Join the Tsar Bomba Influencer Program:

1. Apply:

Fill out our application form with your details and provide information about your social media presence.

2. Review:

Our dedicated team will thoroughly review your application to ensure compatibility with our brand.

3. Acceptance:

If selected, you'll receive an acceptance email outlining the next steps in our collaboration journey.

4. Collaborate:

Upon acceptance, you'll receive exclusive products to create compelling content and share with your audience.

Join Us Today

Apply now to be a part of this exciting collaboration. Our team is looking forward to welcoming you to the Tsar Bomba Influencer Program and working with you to produce exceptional content!