First of its kind, Chivalry is a multi-dimensional modular mechanical watch that breaks through traditional watch design and construction by allowing the disassembly of the bezel, crown, strap and buckles independently. 

With its stylish appearance, innovative time-reading concepts, and novel structure, the project starts with an image of a polite man. The watch presents chivalry, adapts to users of different ages, and inherits an extraordinary chivalrous heart. This makes it a work of art on the wrist by integrating traditional imagery with modern technology and epoch-making ideas.

There is no need to use tools to install or remove Chivalry's parts as all dimensions can be adjusted independently. The watch can be given a new look by simply pressing the parts or the buttons lightly. This watch isn't just a timepiece but a fashionable accessory with a lot of fun. This is because of its stylish appearance and accessories that can be freely matched. Blue, orange, and other styles can be matched according to daily travel needs, making this series highly cost-effective.

Evolution Of The Multidimensional Mechanical Watch

It has been planned for many years that the company will introduce a new and very different watch line. The company pivoted to change its strategy to meet changing customer demands for watches. 

For over two years, Tsar Bomba partnered with highly creative designers and artisans to design a watch that anyone can wear. This is whether rich or poor, Developing multi-changeable solutions for ordinary people has been the brand's goal since 2020.

A modern DIY watch, Chivalry, can transform into several forms with interchangeable parts.

Features Of Tsar Bomba Multidimensional Modular Mechanical Watch

Automatic Movement:  A fully automated imported movement-model MIYOTA 8215, with a vibration frequency of 21600 beats per hour, 21 diamonds, and a running time of 40 hours, is used in order to create this product.

Durable: The watch is scratch-resistant, durable, shock-resistant, more stable, and accurate.

Environment Friendly:  Using IP ion plating green environmental technology, the product uses an environmentally friendly design concept that makes the film layer more rigid, corrosion resistant, and wear resistant. Additionally, this technology produces no hazardous waste or toxic substances (cyanides) during production, reducing pollution and promoting sustainable development. A non-radiative night-light coating on the watch makes it possible to read the time even in pitch-black conditions.

Water resistant: For daily use, Chivalry has a 50-meter water-resistant feature, which is resistant to splashes from washing hands, face, or showering.

Easy To Wear Anytime: Wearers can see the time accurately in any dark environment thanks to the night-light display function.

Skin Friendly: It comes with a flexible, odor-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and tear-resistant fluoro rubber strap that is soft on the skin. Wearing the watch is greatly enhanced by its ergonomic wristband, which takes human engineering into account. Wearing it for long periods of time without discomfort will make a good first impression on the user.

TB8213A- First Modern Chivalry watch

The cutting-edge technology and design of Chivalry are like nothing else you have seen before. It is an excellent blend of form and function, offering unparalleled performance and style that will set an unprecedented standard in the watch market. 

A completely detachable four-dimensional watch designed by Chivalry, the TB8213A is the first fully detachable watch in the world. This automatic mechanical watch can be disassembled into several variations by an interchangeable bezel, crown, buckle, and strap. 

Without tools, one can get a completely redesigned look in 30 seconds. With its unique design and high-quality carbon fiber, this brilliant watch is ready to travel. The dial is illuminated with super-lumiNova GLC3 Swiss super luminous hour markers and hands. Lume is non-radioactive, REACH compliant, and resistant to high temperatures and environmental factors. 

In addition to its sleek design, this watch features 316L stainless steel that is hand-polished to provide exceptional quality. Our 47.1mm wide watch looks stunning on wrists of all sizes due to its ideal width. It has water-resistant 50 meters and manual winding. AR coating, quick-release fluoro rubber strap, & rigid heating process are other features. 

With 21600 vibrations per hour, the stylish yet distinct two-toned watch’s counts give an elegant look to the watch and charm to its personality. Using the big display, an elegant element representing precise workhorse movement is created. Unlike ordinary watches, we offer a distinct way to monitor your time.

Embracing Your personality With Multidimensional Mechanical Watch

  • Mr Glided:  Whether you embrace the swagger, shimmer, and flash of your personality and like your watch to make a statement even before arriving at a party, the Tsar Bomba DIY watch will give you an elegant and deluxe look. No matter how many parties you attend daily, weekly, or monthly, Tsar Bomba will give you a fresh look every time.
  • Mr Traveller:  TSAR BOMBA watches go with you wherever you go. While exploring new things across continents, our DIY watches embrace every culture, territory, and underwater activity. Get an updated look every day and across the years with TSAR BOMBA's easy-to-use DIY matches.
  • Mr Classical: This is the most suitable watch for you if you value tradition and like modern technology. Those homemade timepieces reflect who you are. Pick the colors, like red, yellow, etc., for the straps, faces, and crown that would suit your taste.
  • MR Connoisseur:  Watches hold an essential value in some people's lives. What they wear is generally more expensive than their bike or car. TSAR BOMBA DIY watches add an extra layer of charm to his personality and talk as he rumbles.
  • Mr Organized: Let this do-it-yourself watch adorn your wrist if you are the type of person who checks the time and would rather maximize efficiency than style. These superb watches with olive and black themes, usually worn by explorers, pilots, and race car drivers, give the wearer a wide variety of face designs, crown styles, strap choices, and readability options to suit their needs.

Final Thoughts:

The TB8213A is the world's first watch to offer a fully detachable feature in the watch industry. With this design, it is possible to disassemble important parts like buckle and strape independently, breaking through traditional watch construction. As all dimensions of Chivalry can be adjusted independently, all major components don't require tools for installation or removal. The watch presents chivalry, adapts to users of different ages, and inherits an extraordinary chivalrous heart. This makes it a work of art on the wrist by integrating traditional imagery with modern technology and epoch-making ideas.