Choosing the right timepiece to wear at a black-tie event can be a subtle art. While traditionally it was discouraged to wear a watch with a tuxedo, times have changed, and it is now acceptable as long as you opt for a formal and sophisticated choice. The elegance and refinement of a tsarbomba watch can perfectly complement your black-tie ensemble.

Regardless of your gender, it is important to remember that a watch should serve as an accessory, not steal the spotlight. Its presence should be subtle enough to blend seamlessly with your overall look, enhancing your style without drawing unnecessary attention.

No matter what design you choose, you should keep your watch clean and tidy. Give it a final polish with a dry, soft cloth before heading out for the night. Seeking a Tsar Bomba watch that better complements your black-tie attire? Browse the newest additions to our collection of watches.

The Proper Way to Accessorize with a Tsar Bomba Watch or Tuxedo Clock.


As a general "wrist" rule, it is best to wear a watch whose face corresponds to the current time. Therefore, if you are going to a black-tie gala or wedding that requires you to wear a tuxedo, it is advised that the color of the watch dial correspond with the color of your jacket. 

When the lights are low, like at a theater or formal affair, a luminescent watch can be extremely distracting, so you should never wear one with your tuxedo.

The only acceptable time display on a dress watch is the hour and minute hands. Watches with sub-seconds or other simple complications, like a date or 24-hour hand, are, however, acceptable.





Dimensions + functions + strap + fasteners

The watch's size should always be appropriate for your wrist. Neither the occasion nor the setting is right for grandstanding. Roman numerals and markers on watches are favored over their Arabic counterparts because of the former's more refined appearance. 

The fasteners, buckle, and strap must also be easy to use. The understated black calfskin leather strap is the way to go. You should coordinate your watch's hardware with the rest of your accessories (cufflinks, studs, glasses, etc.)

To the ladies: diamonds are totally acceptable. Keep the bling to a minimum and inconspicuous, like around the bezel, or wear fewer bracelets.

White gold and platinum are also considered precious metals because of their high status. It's best to keep things simple with a clean dial if you're going to wear a watch that features yellow gold.



When attending a formal event, the left wrist is where you should display your tsarbomba watch. This will keep your watch from drawing attention when you shake hands. If, however, you find that your left-handed watch makes you feel excessively awkward, you are free to break this rule.

When dressing for a black tie event, it is also appropriate to wear your watch so that the dial faces upwards on your wrist. This may seem obvious, but it bears stating anyway.



Get a watch that's thin enough to fit discreetly under your sleeve. In addition to being able to button the cuffs easily on the first or second button, a shirt shouldn't be too tight across the chest and buttons.

If you go the extra-formal route and wear a French-cuffed shirt, you can experiment with different watch thicknesses without worrying about the shirt bunching up.


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