• Tsar Bomba Quartz Watch-Curved Design: Tsar Bomba precision watch is filled with light energy and can glow for up to 4 hours having features like sweat, moisture & corrosion resistance, and is comfortable to wear without any allergic reactions. The unique design shows the appearance of the movement with clear details that are visible and fit the wrist better. 

  • Tsar Bomba Mechanical Luxury watch: Discover the wide range of automatic scratch-resistant stainless steel wristwatches with a high-definition sapphire mirror. It brings a larger curved display and outlines a beautiful arc on your wrist. The watch is equipped with 100% strong glass and an anti-reflective coating mirror, a perfect fit for every occasion.

  • Tsarbomba Mechanical Duke Wrist Watch-Hollow Design: Check out our new generation duke theme-inspired personalized mechanical watches that show passion and share a fashionable lifestyle with them. A luxury timepiece that enhances the grace of your wrist and designed with this simplicity that this unique, business & casual watch will go great with any of your occasions.