The company just launched a "transformational innovation in the watch industry."

For a very long time, Tsar Bomba’s CEO has been trying to make luxury watches accessible to everyone. He believes that watches should be a part of every outfit, just like shoes, but they shouldn’t be simple or ordinary. 

In 2020, an announcement was made by the company CEO that they had hired creative designers and talented craftsmen to build a watch that is bold, strong, and different from traditional watches. Despite Covid-19 arousal, the firm worked dedicatedly on building a watch that stands out from the rest of the other watches.

The long silence after Covid-19 gave an extra push to the brand. The creators took some time to think about an appealing and versatile watch, too, and they came up with Chivalry.

Once the design and features were finalized, the brand started working on its first physical model- where all sorts of premium materials were used, from Swiss A-class Super LumiNova to IP Plating coating.

After glimpsing the first model, Tsar Bomba’s CEO told everyone that he "discovered an enduring and transformative new category for the company, unlike anything he had ever experienced," Tsar Bomba soon launched the product on Kickstarter.

The brand is proud to announce the launch of the Chivalry series, a more sophisticated watch that suits both- men and women and comes with more than 2400 interchangeable variations.

Chivalry is considered the Godfather of all watches as it has four changeable options- buckle, crown, dial, and strap. Each option has seven variables that can be interchanged without using any tool. 

The multi-pronged collections start with more varied quartz watches, move into more automatically oriented mechanisms, including ceramic watches, and advance to cubic zirconia watches for a long-lasting product. Launching a radically different watch edition fits into Tsar Bomba new pivot.

Mostly, people see this as a positive move because it tells them that the brand, Tsar Bomba, is thinking outside the box and risking trying something a little daring. Circling back to the idea that no successful company rests on its laurels, it tells us that Tsar Bomba is focused on innovation and improvement despite its size and age. 

Whether the firm gets its funding amount or not, it is obvious to give Tsar Bomba a thumbs-up for elevating its game.

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