Tsar Bomba has recently designed a beautiful DIY watch that can be customized easily in more than 2400 variations and can be worn differently for the next 6.5 years, furthering Tsar Bomba’s mission to enable watch customization for all!

For a very long time, the company’s founder, Steven Lan, has been planning to spearhead a new and very different watch line that will be unique and budget-friendly. 

To achieve this goal, the company pivoted to a new operational strategy to meet the changing demands of watch enthusiasts. 

For more than 2 years, Tsar Bomba worked with highly creative designers and artisans to bring a unique watch that anyone can wear- male or female, businessmen or students, young or old, rich or poor.

As per the sources and information available on their website, the brand has been working since 2020 on its innovative idea of driving multi-changeable solutions to ordinary people. However, due to Covid 19, everything went slow, but the company got enough time to build a flawlessly appealing watch.

After the pandemic, the brand worked diligently in-house to present a top-class, high-grade watch that will meet everyone's expectations. 

Considering their objective, the brand has recently designed a stunning Modern DIY watch named Chivalry that can be changed into 2401 forms by adjusting its interchangeable buckles, crowns, bezels, and straps without using any tool. 

Chivalry is driven by the idea of making luxury accessible to ordinary people and within their budget.

Though the watch offers impeccable design, its other features are worth noticing too! Chivalry can be worn anytime and anywhere with a waterproof level & Swiss A-class LumiNova. It includes a high-class quick-release fluoro rubber strap and a strong sapphire crystal glass of 9 Mohs. 

The watch has a solid dial of 53.4mm with a premium AR coating (IP Plating) to increase visual clarity and extend the dial’s glass life. The watch works on the extraordinary minute, second, and hour count and offers a different look beyond traditional watches.

"We wanted to provide the consumers with a classy design that would contrast with the other timepieces in their collection. Since our watch can be made into so many distinct styles, we’re confident that this will be the last watch anyone ever purchases,” according to the company's CEO.

“Tsar Bomba has plenty of growth opportunities in launching new collections and offering new designs,” he added.

Surprisingly, this is a new concept ever witnessed in the watch industry as interchanging the buckles, bezels, crowns, and straps are so easy and quick that one can change the entire watch in less than 2 minutes. Plus, no tools are required too. 

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