New Arrival —— Neutron

New automatic watch launched, with carbon fiber bezel, titanium case and interchangeable straps. Exquisite craftsmanship and pleasing appearance bring you the ultimate wearing experience. Limited to 500 pieces, each watch has a specific number.Come and order your exclusive watch!

Interchangeable Watches-Atomic

Designed for customization and playability, our watches allow you to mix and match your favorite bezel and straps. With easy assembly and disassembly, you can effortlessly swap and combine watch components such as bezels, crowns, and straps anytime, anywhere.

Winner of the 2023 French Design Award and Gold Medal at the Muse Awards

Tsar Bomba’s game-changing Reactor Series has been honored and recognized internationally for its innovation and creativity.
In 2023, Tsar Bomba won a coveted French Design Award which recognizes extraordinary accomplishments in the field of architecture and product design and is judged by an internationally acclaimed panel of business and thought leaders in the world of design.
Tsar Bomba also added a Gold Medal from the Muse Awards to its showcase. The Muse Awards is an international design competition dedicated to elevating outstanding design and recognizing excellent and original design work from around the globe.
With an industry-leading in-house design team, Tsar Bomba will, no doubt, be adding new accolades in the near future!

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Elevate your watch game with our exquisite collection of watch accessories. From silicone straps to fluororubber bands, discover a range of styles that redefine your watch's personality. Enhance your timepiece's charm and versatility with our curated selection.