Fashion + Style + Class = Quartz Waterproof Watches

In today’s world, every person desires to look stylish and classy, and watches are the men’s only accessory that can make them look the same. If you also want luxury on your wrist, you should certainly buy a quartz waterproof watch

Perhaps, you can wear a quartz watch at every event, meeting, romantic date, and even daily activity. If you buy a Tsar Bomba watch, certainly you don’t need to worry about wearing it outside as it is entirely waterproof.

If you are searching for luxury watches at an affordable price, TSAR BOMBA is the best option for you! Tsar Bomba is the only brand that sells luxury watches at a very reasonable price. Also, we have a complete range of waterproof and water-resistant watches, ranging from 50m to 200m. 

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Moreover, we have a fantastic collection of luxury men’s watches which you can buy at a very reasonable price.

But why should you buy from TSAR BOMBA?

  • Tsar Bomba sells luxury watches at affordable prices.
  • Tsar Bomba has a complete range of water-resistant and waterproof watches.
  • We provide a two-year warranty on all its products.

Just have a look at our top quartz waterproof watches!

Our Top Quartz Waterproof Watches That Will Make You Feel Royal

  • Tsar Bomba Quartz Waterproof Watch TB8211Q 


Tsar Bomba Quartz Waterproof Watch TB8211Q


After testing and innovating continuously for more than a year, TSAR BOMBA's designers have created an improved model of the sophisticated waterproof quartz watch TB8211Q that is more advanced in function and looks better than TB8204 and has a longer service life. 

The TB8211Q's case and dial are tough and shock-resistant. The 316L stainless steel extends the watch's lifespan and gives it a more modern sheen and texture. Furthermore, this women's or men's watch is 50ATM water resistant. You can perform your daily activities while wearing this watch.

Why buy this watch? Japanese movement, 51.5*46.5 mm case size, water and scratch resistance, and has a two-year warranty. 

From where to buy? Buy here.


  • TSAR BOMBA 100M Waterproof Quartz Sports Watch TB8805Q


    TSAR BOMBA 100M Waterproof Quartz Sports Watch TB8805Q


    If you are a watersports person, you definitely want a comfortable and classy watch. This watch is water-resistant and can be worn while swimming and even diving. Also, you can wear it during other sports activities too. But it is also important to know how much your watch is waterproof and water resistant so that you buy your watch accordingly.

    Why buy this watch?  Water and scratch-resistant, equipped with a colorless anti-reflective coating sapphire mirror surface, has a two-year warranty.

    From where to buy? Buy here.

    • TSAR BOMBA Luxury Fashion Sapphire Movement TB8801Q 


      TSAR BOMBA Luxury Fashion Sapphire Movement TB8801Q


      This round-dial watch is completely waterproof and scratch-resistant. It will go with every outfit and make you look more stylish and appealing. As this exceptional watch is 100m waterproof, you have the advantage of doing all the water-related activities without any fear.

      Why buy this watch? 316L stainless steel case material, citizen MIYOTA JS20 movement, rubber straps, and 100m waterproof. You can easily swim, dive, snorkel, surf, sail, and can even do many more activities. 

      From where to buy? Buy here.

      We have mentioned our top quartz waterproof luxury watches that will make you look more stylish and classy simultaneously. Apart from this, we have carbon fiber watches, ceramic watches, diamond zirconia watches as well as mechanical watches and most of our watches are water-resistant and waterproof. So you can buy your waterproof watch easily from our online store.


      Nowadays watches are certainly everyone's necessity. Everyone wants a waterproof watch on their wrist but it is necessary to understand which waterproof watch is suitable for you and goes with your water activities. Perhaps, if you are the one who is searching for affordable luxury waterproof watches, you should buy quartz waterproof watches from our collection.