Over the past few years, water-resistant quartz timepieces have become mainstream. Quartz movements are used in almost every type of timepiece, from table clocks to wristwatches (if the clock uses a battery, chances are the watch is quartz). Quartz, however, is typically taught to kids as a sand-based mineral (with the chemical formula SiO2). In response to the question of why they utilize quartz, watchmakers typically respond with the following:

  • Due to its abundance on Earth, low cost, and piezoelectric nature, quartz is widely utilized in quartz-based clocks. Quartz is almost perfect for use in a watch movement because of its ability to provide a steady vibrating frequency.

  • Quartz watches are the only watches used by most people of all ages. A quartz waterproof watch is the only one that is reliable, goes well with every outfit, and makes your personality more appealing.

Best Tsar Bomba Quartz waterproof watches that you need for your black tie event.

     1. Tsar Bomba Quartz Waterproof Watch TB8211Q -

After more than a year of experimentation, the designers at TSAR BOMBA have created a new and improved version of the advanced waterproof quartz watch 8211Q, which is both more sophisticated in look and more durable in operation than its predecessor, the 8204. The 8211Q retains its predecessor's use of sturdy and drop-resistant stainless steel for the case and dial, which not only increases the watch's lifespan but also gives it a more refined sheen and feel.

Main Factors:

  • The most appealing personality
  • Made with waterproof features 
  • Sapphire Crystal & Japanese Movement
  • A guarantee for two years

    2.Tsar Bomba Watch Quartz Movement Waterproof Watch TB8204Q-Yellow -

This sports and leisure watch for men features a military-grade rubber strap with 12 air vents to ensure your skin stays clean and comfortable at all times. The best 316L stainless steel is utilized for watches; this steel is nontoxic and employed in many human-facing industries, including aviation and medicine.

Main Factors:

  • Unique Colors
  • 24 months warranty, buy with confidence
  • Durable and  lasts forever

    3.TSAR BOMBA Luxury Fashion Sapphire Movement TB8801Q - 

This exceptional timepiece has a round dial with Citizen MIYOTA JS20 movement and is water resistant. A totally luxury watch with amazing design and high-quality craftsmanship. This amazing timepiece has sapphire glass and will go with your every outfit.

Main Factors:

  • Round dial
  • Sapphire glass
  • Rubber strap
  • Water Resistant: 10 Bar=100 meters

    4. Tsar Bomba Watch Quartz Movement Waterproof Watch TB8204Q Gold Black -

If you love to wear a unique color and a unique appearance, watch. This watch is definitely for you. This watch has amazing quality and high craftsmanship.

Main Factors:

  • Perfect fit
  • Stainless steel dial
  • Japanese brand movement



Everyone wants to have a good personality and a watch to match. Just have a look at our tsar bomba waterproof watches and buy waterproof watches online from Tsarbomba.  

December 08, 2022 — WBO Solutions