We have been working with numerous Swiss watch brands as an OEM for many years. This is why we know how to combine desirable watch designs with quality. So, we created TsarBomba. One of the fastest-growing affordable luxury watch brands in the world. We’ve been carving our success on both digital as well as offline sales for quite some time now. To expand our footprint further, we are now on a hunt for visionary distributors who are as passionate as us for high-quality & innovative watches.

Some Numbers Showing Our Digital Success

Influencers working with us all over the globe

It took for our Kickstarter to get fully funded

Presence in global online platforms like Amazon, Mercado Libre & Shopify sites

5 star reviews on our watches online

Tsar Bomba Presence

We even have star influencers, like Producer Michael, working with us. He has more than 3 million combined followers across YouTube, Instagram, Facebook & others. 

World’s first watch with Modular accessories. Patented technology with cutting-edge innovation. Not only the strap but the bezel, crown & even the buckle can be interchanged in a matter of seconds with a click of a few buttons & without the need for any tools.

Design awards from the world over. For our Chivalry watch, we won 2 Design Awards & got our Kickstarter campaign fully funded in less than 12 hours. This watch ensures the wearer can make heads turn anywhere. Moreover, this watch is also Modular. So, style it like you want. 

Where Can You Buy a Tsarbomba

Presence in global online platforms like Amazon, Mercado Libre & Shopify sites

We’ve been aggressively increasing our distribution footprint around the globe

TsarBomba.com as well as other online platform like FB shop & IG store

Lots of big influencers have their own digital stores. We’re listed on them as well

Tsar Bomba Distribution Network

Why Join Hands with Tsarbomba

The Opportunity Awaits

As a distributor for Tsar Bomba, you will embark on a journey that promises innovative products, unparalleled support, and a shared vision of success. Joining our network grants you access to:

  • Exquisite Timepieces: Showcase and distribute our stunning collection of Tsar Bomba watches, each a masterpiece of precision and elegance.

  • Patents & IP Security: TsarBomba happens to be in a unique position to be the only watchmaker in the world to sell modular or interchangeable watches. So, join this revolutionary new watch technology.

  • Exclusive Promotions: Enjoy access to exclusive distributor promotions designed to boost your sales and profitability. We are very cognizant of our distributor relationships. This is why you won’t find heavy discounts online. This will enable you to be the sales channel of choice.

  • Marketing and Brand Support: Leverage our marketing resources, brand recognition, and tailored support to expand your reach and drive sales. So, while we are promoting our watches online a lot, the customers will be able to only feel & see the watches at your store. So, this marketing & branding will help you sell more. 

  • Exclusive Distribution Agreements: Although we’ve started finalising exclusive distributors in many overseas markets, we’re yet to finalise in a majority of markets. So, get in touch with us to see if you still have this opportunity in your region.

  • Your Path to Success: Becoming a Tsar Bomba distributor means stepping into a world of opportunities where excellence and sophistication converge. We don’t only sell high-quality timepieces but also innovate at every step. From modular to carbon fiber to ceramic to diamond watches, we've got it all under 1 roof. Not to mention, quartz, as well as automatic watches, are abundant in the Tsar Bomba portfolio.

How to Collaborate with TsarBomba

Get in touch with our support contact touch points below:

Mr. Steven Lan

(Founder & CEO - Tsar Bomba)

Or click the button below to fill out a short form & we will get back to you within 24 hours