A luxury watch is a dream of every man and when it comes to pricing, we all know that a watch costs an arm and leg. But if we tell you that it’s not important to break the bank to buy a luxury watch. Surprised!! Well, it’s true in this article, we will be shedding light on our top 5 favorite men’s watches that are not only pocket-friendly but are of premium quality too. Let’s get started:

Here is the list of 5 Watch Styling Tips:

Tsar Bomba - Mechanical Plasma Plating Wrist Watch:

Another watch in our top 5 favorites is by Tsar Bomba, which is a brand you consider when it comes to providing luxury watches at an affordable price range. The mechanical watch by the Tsar Bomba is a versatile watch that goes well with every occasion, be it casual or formal. What makes this watch special is its design, which is unique and gives you a stylish look to spice up every attire. A timepiece worth buying if you are looking for a great and elegant luxury watch.

Mechanical Plasma Plating Wrist Watch

Hamilton - Khaki Field Mechanical Watch:

The watch on the top of our list is by the very renowned brand none other than Hamilton. The watch model Khaki Field is not only coming under your budget but, at the same time, is a true masterpiece in terms of craftsmanship. It’s a watch one should not miss as it was also worn by Tom Wachowski, played by James Marsden. What’s more, this model is the recreation of the original model of 1960, giving it a vintage touch. Also, the watch is inspired by the military, built to last this is the original soldier’s watch.

Stainless Steel Quartz Movement Waterproof Watch

Tsar Bomba - Stainless Steel Quartz Movement Waterproof Watch:

Tsar Bomba presents you with a watch that is a complete revolution in terms of a stylish luxury men’s watch. Tsar bomba watch has features such as a stainless steel dial with a rubber strap. Being a leading brand in making luxury watches, we know a wristwatch reflects a lot about your personality. So, we have crafted this watch while keeping the customer’s requirements in mind. Available in a variety of colors and affordable price range. So, what’s stopping you from buying this amazing wristwatch?

Timex - Navi XL Stainless Steel Bracelet Watch:

Fond of stainless steel watches? Then the Timex-Navi Stainless Steel watch is the perfect choice for you. The stainless-steel case with a blue rotating bezel, deep blue dial, and two-tone stainless-steel bracelet provides a modern take on this vintage design. Budget-friendly price and well-renowned brand make it to the list of our top 5 picks of watches. Also, this watch has some other amazing features such as an adjustable bracelet, water resistance to 100 meters, and more making it a must-have watch.

Casio Edifice Multi-Function Men's Watch:

Do you look for comfort, style, and unique features while purchasing a watch? Then Casio Edifice Multi-Function Watch is the one perfect choice for you. This watch has a Stainless steel bracelet and a mineral glass dial with features like measurement and calculations such as time, speed, fuel consumption, and more. Along with that, this watch is perfect for business casual attire. Buy this ultimate timepiece for yourself or gift this to your loved ones.

October 08, 2021 — WBO Solutions