For a long time, Tsar Bomba has been creating the most elegant timepieces with unique designs, which are not only unique but also known for their bold features and functions. 


Carrying on its tradition of creating metaphorical watches inspired by the boldest of adventures, let us introduce you to one of the masterpieces of the TSAR BOMBA. 

Let’s address the beauty in the room! 

The white and black watch with a powerhouse of automatic movement. TSAR BOMBA has again displayed its progress as a master watchmaker by adding one more masterpiece, the Ceramic Watch - TB8209c, to the list of its beautiful timepieces. 

Excited to know about this watch? Let’s start! 

Tsar Bomba watches are known for having extraordinary dials and unique designs, but the look and texture on this beautiful ceramic watch look literally out of this world.

There is no doubt that the brand is known for its multiple ranges of collections, which include quartz, stainless steel, cubic zirconia, mechanical, carbon fiber, automatic, and ceramic watches. 

Shhhh! Let me tell you a secret🤫: Tsar Bomba is also known for selling its luxury watches at a very reasonable price.  All luxury watches are completely affordable, and you will not find luxury watches at these prices anywhere else. Trust me! 

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Without Taking Your More Time, Let’s Come To The Ceramic Watch

Before buying a watch, you must know its features, functions, and advantages too. So, here we are! In this detailed guide, we will take a closer look at the functions and features of ceramic watches that you might have never seen before. 

No 1. Exceptional Quality And Craftsmanship


Exceptional Quality And Craftsmanship | Tsar Bomba Watch


Tsar Bomba’s latest TB8209c series aims to compete with the sports-oriented brands by offering an ergonomic double-design formed after 332 heating processes. The skeleton-style design adds charm to the wrist, and all four colors (white🤍, blue💙, black🖤, red💖) enhance one’s personality. Perhaps, the ceramic case material offers better durability, and the carbon fiber gives a lightweight and comfortable experience.

The specification of this watch is that it adopts a robust design. Each case has undergone 349 processes to make the watch fit for a human wrist, greatly enhancing the matching experience. The workings are visible on the skeleton dial; hence, you can clearly view the movements directly, and all other minor details are quite amazing too. 

No 2. Dial And Case Size

The ceramic watch is designed with a case size of 51.5*44.6mm, made for a wrist size of 260mm, most probably suitable for every wrist. The glass is coated with a thin anti-reflective coating to keep the watch bright and glossy for as long as you wear it.                    

Additional Advantage🤩: This watch will come with a durable box. You can easily carry your watch in this storage box while traveling.

No 3. Unique Design


Unique Design Collections | Tsar Bomba


The first impression of the ceramic watch is that its design is rich and warm. It is suitable for business meetings, sports, and parties; the unique craftsmanship adds amazing vibrancy to the watch, and the skeleton dial design adds a stylish touch to the case.  

  • It is completely comfortable, making your wearing experience better. Both men and women can style this watch with any of their outfits.
  • Another advantage is that this watch will definitely grab everyone's attention. It’s elegant and sophisticated yet youthful and stylish. It’s not the watch you want to wear if your wrist is trying to fly under the radar.
  • One thing that does fly under the radar on this watch is its automatic movement; the case uses a solid case back, so it’s sealed in tight, and it winds automatically even when you are not wearing it. However, that just adds to the mystique of the caliber that powers this watch.

An important part of the watch😍: This beautiful timepiece is not only wearable in the day or light. You can even go out in the dark while wearing it, as it glows brightly because of its unique LumiNova feature. Perhaps, the glowing colors in the watch make it more beautiful.

No 4. Let’s Have A Look At The Strap Too!


Let’s Have A Look At The Strap Too! | Tsar Bomba


The ceramic watch strap can accommodate a 7” to 7.75” wrist because of the size pointers inserted in the strap. You can easily adjust the strap according to your wrist size.  

This strap is comfortable, crafted in rubber-coated two-piece titanium material, and has a proprietary cushioning system. 

No 5. Water and Scratch Resistant

The watch is elegant in design and function and has a water-resistance level of up to 50m. It is suitable for divers and swimmers and adjusts in various environments due to its attractive design and overall functions. 

Interestingly, it is not only water-resistant but also scratch-resistant! Everyone needs a watch in their collection that can handle everyday wear. After wearing this beautiful watch, you can easily participate in any kind of sport and perform active outdoor and indoor activities too.

No 6. Last But Not Least- Watch’s Warranty

With all these amazing features, if you still face any kind of problem with your watch, then don’t worry! It has two -years of warranty. You can contact us to replace your new watch for free, and we offer free replacement parts within five years to make your watch run smoothly.


After reading this blog, you might have known enough about this beautiful timepiece. So, don’t wait anymore! Go and buy this timepiece now from the TSAR BOMBA’s official website.