If you want your watch to last long then, there’s one quality it should have!
Thinking about what it can be?
It’s none other than the title itself- scratch-resistant.
Ideally, a watch dial should be hard enough to undergo rigorous environmental conditions.
If you are spending hundreds of dollars on your wristwatch, then before checking other specifications, one point on your checklist should be the quality of its glass. Today in this article, we will be talking about the top watches of 2021 that are scratch-resistant but at the same time are a perfect styling partner for any occasion.

Let’s get started with the list of the top 5 men’s scratch-proof wristwatches :

Tsar Bomba Mechanical Watch:

The watch on the top of the list is by the well-renowned brand Tsar Bomba Watches. Made up of sapphire glass crystal this mechanical timepiece is stronger than any other natural material except diamonds. The watch is equipped with a colorless anti-reflective coating sapphire mirror surface, emery cold grinding process being 4 times more expensive than traditional hot bending process, the sapphire has a hardness of 9 on the Mohs level. Moreover, talking about its design, this watch is unique as it has a square-shaped dial rather than the traditional round dial. If you are seriously looking for a timepiece that is perfect in terms of design and quality, then investing in this watch will be worth it.


Tsar Bomba Mechanical Watch

Citizen Chandler Eco-Drive:

Another watch to come on the list is also the well-known brand Citizen, a trusted brand name and brand leader in the watch industry for over 100 years, known for providing quality watches to its customers. The Citizen Chandler Eco-Drive model is the best when it comes to scratch-resistant watches. This watch is made up of Mineral Crystal which can withstand scratches. The unique quality of this watch is that it can convert any light whether natural or artificial into energy and use that energy to recharge the battery. So, no timely change of battery is required.

Vincero’s The Outrider:

The Outrider watch model by Vincero is yet another wristwatch that is scratch-proof. Made up of Sapphire Coated Crystal and Single stitch Italian top-grain leather are the qualities that make this watch a must-have timepiece. Designed to make a bold fashion statement. This watch has a distinct look and quality you can feel. Wear this watch whether you are going to a party or a casual lunch. The Outrider delivers a timepiece that will be sure to aid you on any adventure. Looking for something that lasts long and at the same time is trendy in teams of fashion then, buy this timepiece without having a second thought.


Tsar Bomba Quartz Watch

Tsar Bomba Quartz Watch:

A watch crafted while taking into consideration the customer’s budget yet bringing the best in terms of designing and detailing. Tsar Bomba Quartz Watch is made up of sapphire glass crystal yet comes in a budget-friendly price range without any quality compromise. A complete revolution in terms of stylish men’s watches. Japanese Seiko watch featuring stainless steel dial with durable rubber strap Non-Corrosive dial material. Whether you want to go for a business meet or sports our watch is perfect for all kinds of business, casual, indoor activities, or daily use. Not only this but, this wristband is the perfect gift option too.

Timex Expedition Scout:

The last but not least watch on the list is Timex Expedition Scout. This watch is made up of mineral glass, making it scratch-resistant. Specially built for the one who loves adventures and has a rugged matte black case with a leather-lined fabric strap. The unique quality of this watch is that the price is pocket-friendly without any quality compromise. If you are seriously looking for a watch that can easily withstand tough conditions, then this watch is the perfect match for you.