For ages, watches are seen as a luxury accessory by the masses as earlier only affluent people used to wear them. Nowadays, watches are still considered essential but every section of society wears them. As of today, the watches are available in a wide variety and the price range varies from low to high so that every section of society can afford them.

Even now, owning a luxury watch is a dream for everyone. So, in this article, we will be covering the top 5 luxury watches for men that look luxurious in style but at the same time are pocket-friendly.

Here are the Top 5 Affordable Luxury Watches for Men:

Citizen Corso Watch:

The very first watch that comes on the list is the one by the brand Citizen.

Tsar Bomba Quartz movement watch

Next on the list is the Tsar Bomba Quartz movement watches which offer various features such as shock-proof, water-resistance and much more at a nominal price range. Unique design and craftsmanship are what makes it a complete revolution in terms of stylish men's watch.

Tsar Bomba Quartz movement watch

Tsar Bomba Mechanical Watch:

Another watch on the list is Mechanical Wristwatch by Tsar Bomba. This wristwatch is designed with authentic watchmaking techniques to create watches that are long-lasting & perfect for any occasion, whether it's a business meeting or a casual day. Skeleton dial design gives you a fashionable touch. The unique design shows the appearance of the movement with clear details that are visible and fits the wrist better.

Orient RA-AK0305S10A:

The next watch is by a Japanese brand Orient well known for their bargain watch circle. Orient RA-AK0305S10A is a watch featuring a bar index that simplifies the look of a wristwatch filled with utility. Other features of this watch are the sapphire crystal dial and alligator leather strap making it a luxurious watch. This watch is a perfect gift or purchase option for you. Wear this watch with any outfit and set the style statement.

Tsar Bomba Quartz movement watch


If you are a watch lover then you must have heard about the brand Tissot. Though this brand offers watches between the price range of $300-$500. But the model PR 100 comes in a pocket-friendly range making it to the list of affordable wristwatches. This watch is designed by keeping modern design in mind yet combining traditional watch design using quality materials and the Swiss reliability of the movement.



August 05, 2021 — Amit Bhaskar