TB8218 Reloj automático intercambiable combinado completo

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Build Your Own Atomic Series Tsar Bomba

It’s time to build the bomb! Design and create your own Tsar Bomba Atomic Series Kit with the accessories, materials, and color combinations that reflect your uniqueness. Once you’ve picked out your Atomic Series watch, you can select from our accessory menu of patented Quick Release straps, bezels, and crowns to customize your look. Carbon fiber and FKM rubber in a multitude of colors, 316L stainless steel, cubic zirconia and more – the possibilities are limitless!

Express Yourself With Color

Tsar Bomba helps you express yourself with color. With patented Quick Release technology your whole look can change in 30 seconds.

Lightweight Carbon Fiber Bezel

Carbon fiber is a lightweight material that offers a more lightweight and comfortable experience. It possesses exceptional strength and durability, capable of withstanding impacts and wear during daily use.

Simple One-Touch Customization

Tsar Bomba’s patented one-touch Quick Release technology makes customizing the look of your watch a breeze. Within 30 seconds you can interchange straps, bezels, and crowns and have a completely new look.

The Colorful Fluoro-Rubber Strap

Luxurious fluororubber straps and bezels come in various colors, offering comfort and resistance to oxidation

Water Resistance

Rated at 10 ATM or 100 meters (300 feet) which allows you worry-free waterproof performance in the rain, shower, swimming, and even snorkeling.


High-quality, proprietary, AlphaLuminex by Tsar Bomba, delivers exceptional night-time dial visibility allowing you to quickly read the time even in pitch-black conditions.



How can I buy the watch?

You can select your desired Combo on the official site and make payment directly. We offer multiple payment channels including credit card, PayPal, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Shop Pay, etc. If you prefer to make a bank transfer for your purchase, please contact our website customer service personnel. Once we receive the payment, we will initiate the shipment process.

What is included in the combo?
  • Each Combo provide 4 watch face color options, such as A1, A2, A3, A4, and so on.
  • Combo A: 1+7= TB8218 Automatic watch*1 + FKM bezel*7+FKM rubber Strap*7+ Crown*7
  • Combo B: 1+7= TB8218 Automatic watch*1+ Carbon Fiber bezel*2+FKM bezel*5 +FKM rubber Strap*7+Crown*7
  • Combo C: 1+7=TB8218 Automatic watch*1+ Carbon Fiber bezel*3+FKM bezel*4 +FKM rubber Strap*7+Crown*7
  • Combo D: 2+7= TB8218 Automatic watch*1 +TB8214 Calendrier Watch*1+ FKM bezel*7+FKM rubber Strap*7+ Crown*7
  • Fluorine Rubber Twin:TB8218 Automatic watch*1 + FKM bezel*2+FKM rubber Strap*2+ Crown*2

If you still have doubts, please contact the customer service staff at any time, we will reply you in time when we see the message

What is fluoro-rubber strap and bezel?

A fluoro-rubber strap, also known as an FKM (Fluorocarbon Rubber) strap or Viton strap is a type of watch strap made from fluoro-rubber material. Fluoro-rubber offers excellent resistance to chemical corrosion, high temperature, and wear, making it an ideal choice for manufacturing high-performance watch straps.

Fluoro-rubber straps, commonly referred to as FKM straps, possess the following characteristics:

  1. Durability: Fluororubber straps exhibit exceptional wear resistance and durability, capable of withstanding various conditions and everyday use.
  2. Chemical resistance: These straps can resist corrosion from a wide range of chemicals, including acids, alkalis, solvents, and more. This ensures that the strap maintains its appearance and performance in diverse environments.
  3. High temperature resistance: Fluororubber watch straps can withstand high temperatures without becoming stiff, deformed, or losing their elasticity. This makes them suitable for individuals who require wearing watches in elevated temperature conditions.
  4. Comfort: Fluororubber straps are soft, smooth, and provide a comfortable wearing experience. They are less likely to cause skin allergies or irritation.

Fluoro-rubber straps are extensively used in luxury watches, dive watches, sports watches, and particularly in timepieces that are intended for use in extreme environments. They offer a long-lasting and reliable strap option, accommodating various activities and environmental conditions. Additionally, their unique appearance and texture have gained popularity among fashion enthusiasts.


FKM is a family of fluorocarbon-based fluoroelastomer materials defined by ASTM International standard D1418,and ISO standard 1629. It is commonly called fluorine rubber or fluoro-rubber. FKM is an abbreviation of Fluorine Kautschuk Material. All FKMs contain vinylidene fluoride as a monomer. Originally developed by DuPont (under the brand name Viton, now owned by Chemours),Fluoroelastomers are more expensive than neoprene or nitrile rubber elastomers. They provide additional heat and chemical resistance.

Fluoroelastomers provide excellent high temperature (up to 500°F or 260°C) and aggressive fluids resistance when compared with other elastomers, while combining the most effective stability to many sorts of chemicals and fluids such as oil, diesel, ethanol mix or body fluid.

They can be easily distinguished from many other elastomers because of their high density of over 1800 kg/m3, significantly higher than most types of rubber.

Because of their outstanding performance they find use in a number of sectors, including the following:

Chemical process and petroleum refining, due to their resistance to chemicals;Analysis and process instruments: separators, diaphragms, cylindrical fittings, hoops, gaskets, etc.
Semiconductor manufacturing;Food and pharmaceutical, because of their low degradation, also in contact with fluids;
Aviation and aerospace: high operating temperatures and high altitudes require superior heat and low-temperature resistance.
They are suitable for the production of wearables, due to low wear and discoloration even during prolonged lifetimes in contact with skin oils and frequent exposure to light, while guaranteeing high comfort and stain resistance;

The automotive industry represents their main application sector, where constant reach for higher efficiencies push manufacturers towards high-performing materials. An example are FKM o-rings used as an upgrade to the original neoprene seals on Corvair pushrod tubes that deteriorated under the high heat produced by the engine, allowing oil leakage. FKM tubing or lined hoses are commonly recommended in automotive and other transportation fuel applications when high concentrations of biodiesel are required. Studies indicate that types B and F (FKM- GBL-S and FKM-GF-S) are more resistant to acidic biodiesel. (This is because biodiesel fuel is unstable and oxidizing.)[citation needed]

FKM O-rings have been used safely for some time in SCUBA diving by divers using gas blends referred to as nitrox. FKMs are used because they have a lower probability of catching fire, even with the increased percentages of oxygen found in nitrox. They are also less susceptible to decay under increased oxygen conditions.

While these materials have a wide range of applications, their cost is prohibitive when compared to other types of elastomers, meaning that their adoption must be justified by the need for outstanding performance (as in the aerospace sector) and is inadvisable for low-cost products.