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A Watch That Lasts A Lifetime!

Chivalry Watches

Our Chivalry watch is perfect for those who want to create a grand look. It's versatile & can be worn with any outfit! To add elegance to your appearance, don’t settle for something ordinary. Rather, give a unique appeal to yourself by changing your personality with our “No-Tool” Chivalry watches.

Last Custom Watch You’ll Ever Buy | Tsarbomba

Last Custom Watch You’ll Ever Buy

This watch with various colors & interchangeable custom watch bands, bezels, crowns, and buckles will replace all other watches in your collection. From business meets to casual outings, this elegant watch fits every attire & gives a unique appeal on every occasion. And, due to its robust mechanism and high-tech materials, this is a watch that lasts a lifetime. 

DIY Watch Kickstarter | Features Like No Other

Features Like No Other

This LumiNova Chivalry watch is made from 316L stainless steel and can withstand corrosion, water, and scratches. It has a water-resistant ability of 100 meters & features an exposed automatic movement with manual winding. AR coating, quick-release fluoro rubber strap, & rigid heating process are other features.

Technical Specs

Solid Dial Watch - Tsarbomba | Features Like No Other

Solid dial

A sapphire crystal glass with an inner AR coating over a dial of 53.4mm features a strong, smooth, & lumiNova, Swiss Class A Super luminous design, making our Chivalry watch durable and highly visible.

Kickstarter Watches

Unique count

With 21600 vibrations per hour, the beautiful yet unique two-toned watch’s counts give an extraordinary look to the watch and bring charm to the personality.

Big Display | Exclusive movements | Tsarbomba

Exclusive movements

Unlike ordinary watches, we offer a distinct way to monitor your time. The big display represents precise workhorse movement, creating a stylish element.


How can I get updates about the watch?

To get instant notifications about the Chivalry watch, subscribe to our e-mail list, and we’ll share exclusive updates along with attractive discounts and offers directly in your inbox.

Do I have to subscribe to buy this watch?

Yes! Subscribing to your email list will benefit you from multiple things, such as instant access to the watch’s updates, avail huge discounts, and, most importantly, placing you among the Tier 1 buyers who’ll be the foremost to receive the Chivalrywatch. Since we have limited slots, it's advised to promptly subscribe to our email list.

When and where will the watch be available for purchase?

The watch is available on the Indiegogo website. We will regularly share the Chivalry’s key dates with you via email.

Which email address should I enter here?

Make sure to use a relevant and similar email address on every platform while subscribing, booking, or purchasing the watch. You won’t be eligible for discounts or offers if you avoid the same.

Quality That Matters!

Introducing the most innovative and revolutionary watch that has ever been heard of or launched in the watch industry! With groundbreaking technology and cutting-edge design, Chivalry is like nothing you've ever seen. It's the perfect blend of form and function, offering unparalleled performance and style that will set a new standard in the watch market. Be prepared to experience a new level of excellence with this game-changing watch that fits every style, outfit, & apparel- offering new transformation to the wearer every time.