The Tsar Bomba X Collection as endorsed by Producer Michael is an inexpensive alternative to similar watches at a very affordable price. These watches are made using high quality materials including carbon and ceramic. The movements are beautifully designed, precise and sealed in a water resistant case.

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Michael's Favourite Watches

Interchangeable Automatic Watch

From $699.99 USD

Carbon Fiber Kinetic Energy Display Automatic Watch

From $999.99 USD

Carbon Fiber Hollow-design Automatic Waterproof Watch

From $489.99 USD

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Carbon Fiber Watch

$399.99-$999.99 USD

Chivalry Watch

$599.99- $699.99USD

Automatic Watch

$299.99-$999.99 USD

Zirconia Diamond Watch

$449.99-$549.99 USD

Titanium Automatic Watch TB8208T

$399.99 USD